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Aston Currency Management differentiates itself from otherFX companies in that we are marketed largely through referral and word of mouth. This maintains our goal of knowing our clients on a personal level and truly understanding their foreign exchange requirements.

The majority of our clients have complicated currency needs across a variety of different markets. To effectively mitigate their currency risk, and provide them with savings on a regular basis, dependent on location and the urgency required by the client, we strive to meet with them face to face.

Introducers who refer clients to us do so safe in the knowledge that any clients they refer are given a service that will exceed their expectations. Clients introduced will receive improved rates of exchange, one point of contact and an intelligent, inciteful evaluation of their currency exposure. 

What are the benefits to referring clients?

From an introducer’s point of view, it can provide an additional revenue stream to their business as a profit share can be agreed for any clients that are introduced and undertake cross currency trades through Aston Currency Management.

Introducers will receive a clear and transparent break down of any income generated in a monthly report sent to you on request.

We will also be happy to produce economic reports, data and analysis for any prospective clients whom may require this.

Most important is the fact that your clients will thank you for being introduced to Aston Currency Management which will only enhance your relationship with them from a business and personal perspective.

Please click below to become an introducer of Aston Currency Management.
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